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At Little Arches Boutique Hotel we are committed to preserving our environment.  We believe that we should be responsible for ensuring that a legacy is left for our children and collectively contribute to the world being a better place though our environmental efforts without affecting the high levels of service to our guests.  To ensure that our carbon footprint is minimal, embrace new ways of consuming energy and to protect our environment.  To this end, we make the following pledge:

  • To continue to promote Barbados as a beautiful destination through preservation
  • To conserve natural resources
  • To be more involved in our local community
  • To play our part in reducing waste carried to the landfill through engaging in reducing, re-using and re-cycling efforts
  • To encourage our guests to support our greening activities
  • To train and increase awareness of our staff on environmental policies
  • To use suppliers and contractors who embrace the same ethos
  • To continue to support local businesses especially in our community of Oistins
  • To engage in activities with our staff, guests and other relevant stakeholders to address environmental concerns such as dumping by organizing cleanup activities
  • Composting of our garden waste
  • To comply with the relevant environmental and industrial legislation and regulatory bodies
  • Commitment to monitor and reduce where possible the usage of non-renewable resources




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